Service Times: Classic at 9:00am | Contemporary at 10:45am


COVID-19 Virtual Small Groups

Below is a list of Virtual Small Groups we have at this time. We pray more will be available very soon.


Tyler Coffee  |  Married 30-40's  |  9:30am  |  Zoom
Mike Byers  |  Empty Nest 40-60's  |  9:30am  Zoom
Carmen Adwell  |  Single/Married 40-60's  |  9am  | Zoom
Joe Thomas  |  Married 30-40's  |  11am  |  Zoom
Sheila Larkin  |  Married 40-60's  | 1pm  |  Facebook Live
Kevin Ray  |  All ages children 40-60's  |  6pm  |  Zoom
Matt Hess  |  Elem/MS/HS 30-50's  |  11am  |  Zoom
John Luckett  |  Empty Nest 50-60's  |  10:30am  Zoom  


Bryan & Brittany Kelly  |  20-30's  |  6:30pm  | Zoom
Ryan & Katie Peace  |  20-30's  |  6:30pm  |  Google Hangouts
Levi Bays and  Ashley Land  |  20-30's  |  7pm  | Zoom
Susan Byers - Women's Bible Study  |  18+ yrs old  |  7pm  |  Zoom


Peter & Debbie Gaddie  |  65+ yrs old  |  6pm  |  Zoom
Jeff & Sara Wilson  |  40-60's  |  6:30pm  |  Zoom
Jay & Emily Fintel  | 20-30's   |  7:30pm  |  Google Hangouts
Kyle Souleyrette and Maddie Cook  |  18-20's   |  7:00pm  |   Zoom
Rod & Julie Roederer  |  40-50's  |  6:30pm  |  Zoom


Lauren Botts - Women's Prayer Group  |  18+ yrs old  |  9pm  |  Zoom 

ZOOM Info.

The SV Staff uses Zoom software for our staff meetings. To join a Zoom Virtual Small Group you will need to download and install the Zoom app. 

You can do this by visiting — and hitting the “download” button under Zoom Client for Meetings. 

(As an aside — for those of you who may be concerned about downloading this software —  Zoom software is the #1 rated software for business communications. Also, joining any of our Zoom Virtual Small Groups is completely free and should allow you to participate the entire time of the group if you so desire.)

The world we live in has tremendous challenges that each of us face each day. God’s plan as revealed through scripture is that we face these challenges best when we are walking closely with Him and are walking closely with other Christians. The connections we can have with those whose faith is in Christ will be inspiring and encouraging. The ministries listed in this section are key to developing those relationships and in strengthening your walk with God.

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For more information contact:
Joe Thomas, Adult Pastor