Christmas Toy Workshop


Wondering how you’re going to assemble and wrap toys for your kids this Christmas?

SVStudents would like to help the parents in our SVKids ministry by providing a free service to assemble and wrap Christmas gifts for their little ones (example: kitchen play sets, bicycles, etc). This workshop will take place on Sunday, December 20, noon - 6:00 p.m. in the student area.

Important information:

Please let us know which items you wish to have assembled and/or wrapped (limit 5). Send your name, phone number and list of items to Children’s Minister Ashley Purcell on or before December 14th.

Drop off - You can drop off your items in a discrete bag (black trash bags work well) in the Student Pastor's office (downstairs in the Student area) on December 20 during the 9:00 a.m. small group hour or after church at noon.

Once assembled - Gifts/toys must be able to be transported in your vehicle and fit through the doors of the Student area.

Donations - we accept wrapping paper, tape, tags, bags, and bows!