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  • Day 2 - Feeding a community and more

    What do beans and rice, beads, pipe cleaners, soccer balls, Bibles, a pinata and glow sticks have to do with sharing the light of Jesus? Well, in El Platanal these are a few of the items we used on Monday with the children and their families.

    As our bus pulled into the community of El Platanal we were greeted with excitement as people pouring out of their houses and children racing to the church to meet us.

    We spent time interacting with the people while distributing beans and rice, making bracelets using pipe cleaners and beads, and playing soccer. During these activities testimonies were shared.

    Later we all divided into groups and went prayer walking throughout the community. As we were invited into people's homes we prayed with them and provided Bibles for their family. We also invited them to a celebration that evening at the church.

    Our celebration was a GLOW party with over 200 people in and around the church! We had black lights, glow-in-the dark necklaces and bracelets, florescent face paint, and music. Although glow sticks are common to us, this was brand new to the people here in El Platanal. The celebration ended with a pinata. Candy went everywhere. 


    We left excited to return on Tuesday.

    Peg Grimsley and Brittany Kelly

  • Buenos Dias from Nicaragua!

    Day 1 - Sunday 

    Whew!  This has been a busy past couple of days...but GREAT ones!  We're just now finding the time to sit down and write all the fun, work, and progress we've made this week.  We flew into Managua on Saturday and prepared for the trip to Somotillo.  On Sunday we traveled by bus and trucks and got set up for our week.  The church service at Somatillo Sunday evening was amazing and was so great to see our church already step up to share Christ.  Jeff gave the message....magnificento and Tracy, Layla, and Bridget sang Amazing Grace.  Mark and Hudson (father and son) gave their testimonies.  This group has stepped out with little hesitation to tell their story about their Savior.   Look at these pics!

    Sara Wilson  

  • Nicaragua Missions - How You Can Help

    In a few weeks, January 7-14, 2017, we will be taking a group of 9 men and women on our next mission trip to Nicaragua. We will be working primarily in El Platanal on this trip, but we will likely spend one day with the church in San Francisco. Our trip will include these objectives:

    • Work with the pastors and church members of El Platanal to share the Gospel
    • Provide more water through a gutter system on the church to catch rain water in storage tanks
    • Build an irrigation/drainage system in the agricultural area
    • Provide school supplies to the teachers in El Platanal
    • Reach the men of El Plantanal through specific events:
      • Worship service
      • Conversations
      • Providing work gloves, hats, and shirts
      • Working alongside them on the irrigation and gutter systems

     Even though you may not be able to go on this trip, you can still be a part of the mission.  Here are some ways you can make a positive contribution:

    Pray for us as we go:

    • For God to make us a clean and holy vessel filling us with the Holy Spirit, making us effective agents as we spread the Gospel.
    • To take advantage of every opportunity that God gives us to share the gospel
    • For the people we encounter in Nicaragua (and along the entire trip) to be receptive to hearing the Gospel.
    • Flexibility to adapt to changes in plans.
    • The wisdom to recognize and follow God’s will.

    Pray for the pastors and church members in Nicaragua:

    • For God to provide healing and comfort for Pastor Enrique and his family (San Francisco).
    • For Pastor Diomedes and Reynaldo as they search for a permanent pastor in El Platanal.
    • For the members of both churches to grow in their faith and spread the Gospel throughout their communities and beyond,

    Make a donation (these items will be used as gifts for outreach to the men of El Platanal): 

    • Durable work gloves with leather/synthetic leather palms and breathable material on the back to keep cool in hot weather.
    • Work hats, baseball style or other to provide protection from the sun.
    • Money to buy gloves and hats.
    • Consider including an inspirational message for the men of El Platanal (in English, we will translate to Spanish).

     Collection boxes will be located by the Information Kiosk in the lobby for you to place your donations.

     Thank you for your prayers and support!