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El Platanal - Day 1

El Platanal - Day 1


Greetings to the church in Elizabethtown from your emissaries in Nicaraugua!

Yesterday started with a sputter, but our Nic Team finished hitting on all cylinders. Being flexible is always an advantage in such situations. From the get-go we had a truck drop a tie-rod and finding enough of the correct type paint for the church at El Platanal proved to be tough. Paint guru Bill Johnson and partner Emmet Holley visited 5 local stores to no avail before making the 45-minute trip to Chinendega to score the paint.

The rest of the team shifted gears to playtime with the kids……always a highlight of this trip! Peg Grimsley and Cheryl Holley made a great call in bringing jump ropes. Combined with new slo-motion video on our phones the children lined up to get their turn on the “big screen”. Peg and Cheryl also captivated the children who were hungry to hear about Jesus walking on the water and calming the storm as well as doing a coloring/crayon depiction of the same.

Couldn’t count the number of times I’d just be walking and one of these children would latch on to my hand or rest their chin on my shoulder as they’d sneak up behind me. As an empty nester it’s great to have (multiple) kids in my lap again……even at 100+ degrees. Selfies with 10 faces in the screen ruled the day!

THE HIGHLIGHT of the day was the response of the local churches to send their pastors for training led by Jeff Wilson, Emmet and Austin Wright who are launching the same Foundations of the Faith training we do at Severns Valley Baptist Church. A total of 17 came for instruction, which focused on the accuracy, history and inerrancy of the Bible.

Love it when a plan comes together! Even with a late start everyone pitched in and we got primer and paint on the outside of the church building in a little under 3 hours. The children were not to be denied as they got to make the paint fly…..and in some cases it literally did fly! I also learned that Steve Wright has handled a paint roller before…..dude covered some ground.

In his first time to Nic, Chris Dunham hit the ground running sharing Jesus with several children……was awesome to serve with this guy and see his love for his Lord! Thank you Chris!

Finally—by virtue of being in the right place at the right time—I got to witness a special moment as we dropped off Annibal (Hannibal is the Amercanized version), the father of our translator, Domingo. Got to see a father’s blessing of his son, which included a “vision” he had many years before that his son would work closely with American mission teams and become a man of God. Annibal beamed with pride as he recounted this timeline of events and spoke proudly and emotionally of a son who he got to see at work for the first time ever because Jeff was a receptive to the Holy Spirit’s call to arrange this beautiful thing!

Mike Brady

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