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  • Nicaragua Mission Trip Report


    This past October a team of 16 people from Severns Valley went to minister alongside the believers of the churches in El Platanal and San Francisco in Nicaragua. We are excited to announce that this team will be sharing about their trip on Wednesday, December 3rd at 6pm.

    Come and hear how God worked in and through the lives of these Severns Valley missionaries. You will hear about baptisms, church services, ministering to children and students, and how pastors and leaders of the churches were trained.

    You will also learn information about upcoming trips to Nicaragua in 2015. Come and hear how God is using Severns Valley to share the Gospel: 

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  • Going to Cacao


    As we near the end of our mission trip, there are so many different memories to reflect on. We started out the week baptizing three new believers from San Francisco in the Rio de Negro. We followed up the next day with a trip to La Palma. We had to travel on narrow, steep and rocky roads in four-wheel drive to reach the town. Once there, split into three groups in order to teach the children, teens, and adults. We had a blast playing futbol with the children and teens. Our experience was a great prelude for what was to come next.

    On Tuesday, our group traveled to El Platanal, prepared to teach the children, teens and adults once again. In Platanal we found the children much more responsive and eager to play baseball and futbol. It was amazing to watch Mr. Johnson and Taylor interact with the youngest of the children while we played baseball and futbol with around 100 children. Immediately following our time in El Platanal, some of us went to the church here in Somotillo to meet with the youth group. We played a few games and taught them how to read the Bible one-on-one. It was awesome to study and pray with students our age in a youth group setting.

    Wednesday was by far my favorite day. I started it by sharing my testimony on the radio with Josh. Our group then traveled back to San Francisco to teach and play with the teens. School was in session so we met with only a few teens and children. We used the salvation bracelets and evangi-cubes to show them how to share their faith with their friends. Halfway through the lesson, the school's marching band began to practice so Langdon, Mr. Johnson, Luddy and I went to watch them practice. The band was made up of all drums and one xylophone and it sounded cooler than any American marching band that I have seen. After lunch, half of our group went to the town square to play soccer while all of the others went house to house inviting people to the worship service. We ended up playing multiple 6v6 sudden death matches with many of the children and a few teens. Around 4:00 we traveled to Pastor Enrique's house for the worship service. We set up the sound system and chairs for the service and then relocated them when it started to rain. During this lull, we continued to play with the children, and I personally sword fought about a half dozen of them. We had a blast. Finally it was time to start the service. Lander played guitar with the band and Josh taught on Mark 2. The service ended with a suprise for the church of San Francisco. The church had been praying for a sound system, so we suprised them by giving them the one that was used that night, brand new, fresh out of the box. 

    Which brings us to today. Today we were given an option. For those of us that were exhausted or feeling poorly, we could tour the different ministries of Pastor Diomedes, the medical clinic, the agricultural area, the radio station, and Prayer Mountain. For those of us who were up to it, a hike to Cacao was on the agenda. I chose the latter. Pastor Santos was in the hospital recently with pneumonia and our mission was to make the 90 minute hike up the mountain to visit and pray with him. Pastor Wilson, Mr. Johnson, Langdon, Zach, Jacob, Miguel, Domingo, Luddy and I set out for the hike and soon found that the trail was much different than what many of us had expected. We had a blast though and made it to the top by 10:30, stopping at Pastor Santos' parents house on the way. We had as short worship while we were there and Pastor Wilson taught on James 5. We went expecting to be blessed and instead were blessed even more when Pastor Santos and his family made us chicken soup for lunch. We had an enjoyable trip down the mountain and made it safely back to Somotillo without any sprained or broken bones. Now we are headed out to El Platanal to have a worship service. Zach is teaching tonight and we are excited for the things to come in our last two days on the road. 

    Many thanks to Pastor Diomedes' wife for all of the amazing food. This stuff is manna from heaven. Also thanks to the interpreters, Luddy, Domingo, Alex and Junior, who gave up their week to help us. They have been so very fun to work with and I am glad to call them my friends. Thanks for all of the prayers over the course of the past few days. We are loving every second of our time here. 

    Glora a Dios!

    John Costello


  • Highlights from San Francisco


    Yesterday we spent the day in San Francisco. Two years ago there were 12 people meeting and studying the Bible. This past Sunday there were 82 people that came together to sing, give testimonies, give offerings and hear the Word of God proclaimed. Gloria a Dios! (Glory to God!)

    We spent the day training the teenagers how to share their faith using evanglism bracelets. The teenagers were very attentive and at the end were able to share the Gospel message to all. Let's pray that they will have the boldness to declare their faith as Paul prayed for in Philippians 1:20.

    We also trained the pastors and leaders in the morning. We had a great time of Bible study and discussion about how the church is to be organized. The leaders were very eager to learn and asked many questions. I am convinced that we need to spend a significant amount of time every trip we make to Nicaragua training the pastors and leaders. This could make a huge difference in the growth and stability in the church.

    In the afternoon we went out into the community inviting them to come to the worship service. It was great seeing our teenagers and adults going door to door inviting people they have never met to come and hear the Gospel presented. They did a wonderful job without any hesitation. After that we went to the town center and played Futbol with many children and teenagers. There were so many who wanted to play we had to break into four different teams. When it was time to go we invited them all to come to the worship service.

    We went back into the area of the community and set up the sound system for the service. Many of those we met while going door to door came. Many that we played Futbol with came. Lander Ryan played with the worship band and Josh Ehlers preached from Mark 2:1-12 about the paralytic man who was lowered through the roof by his friends to be healed by Jesus. Josh did a great job sharing Christ to all present. Let's pray that the message they heard will bring forth fruit in the days to come.

    It was a great day! Thank you for continuing to pray for us and for those we are sharing Christ. Please pray for the service we will be having in El Platanal tonight.

    Jeff Wilson

  • I Felt a Calling from God


    This morning, as I awoke, I felt a calling from God. The plan for the day was to drive to Somotillo, unload our luggage, and spend the remainder of the day in San Francisco at a baptism service. I was baptized as a child, before I accepted God's free gift of salvation four years later. Although the Bible says that we are to believe and then be baptized, I had never been baptized post-salvation. This morning I felt God calling me to fulfill this commandment.  

    Upon our arrival in San Francisco, Pastor Enrique explained that the church of San Francisco had grown to 25 members with 75 people attending. It now had started two other churches in small nearby towns. With this news the church members shouted praises to God in a Spanish worship song. We gave up our bus seats to the church and I sat in the back of a pickup truck with several Nicaraguans to ride to El Rio de Negro for the baptism service. I used my heavily limited Spanish to meet Jose and Fernando. We struggled to understand each other for the next 15 minutes or so and they laughed at my limited vocabulary. I learned that they are fans of the Boston Red Sox, they play lots of Futbol, and that they love the Lord.  

    When we had reached the river, Pastor Enrique read Mark 16:16, explaining the purpose of baptism. Along with Jose, Paula, and Yasita, three new believers in Christ, I followed in the footsteps laid down by Christ and was baptized in El Rio de Negro in San Francisco Nicaragua. God is showing me through this trip that His love has no bounds.

    I can't wait to see what else He is going to reveal to me on this trip.

    Langdon Johnson