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Know When to Seek Biblical Care

Know When to Seek Biblical Care


Biblical Care in Family/Marriage

Nearly every week I hear of a couple whose marriage is in crisis mode. A crisis can be brought on by adultery, communication problems, disinterest, drifting apart, anger, addictions, parenting issues, or numerous other reasons which tend to be pretty self-centered. When the crisis hits, most couples try to manage it themselves. This management stage of dealing with a marital or family crisis can last years. After trying to work on things with no results for a long time, something usually snaps and the person(s) run to God and the church.

One thing I wish for people is they seek godly biblical help immediately instead of waiting. The best time to seek help is when things first start to go wrong. The waiting and waiting does not help. In fact, it hurts because it allows the crisis or problem to harden and we are less open to direction from the Lord and His Word. When your car starts to make noise or overheat, you don't just say, "It's nothing, everything will be fine." You take it to the mechanic and ask, “What's wrong? Can you fix it?” Our marriages and families are far more important than vehicles. When things get heated or distant in our marriages and families it’s the time to run to godly counsel.

As we begin this new year, ask yourself, "Am I/we in need of godly biblical care?" All of us struggle with something. All marriages have times where there is tension or difficulty. All families hit a crisis at one point or another. All of us are in need of godly biblical care in our lives. The real question is - do you and I know when that is?

Godly biblical care is a good thing. It can mean the difference between going into a full-blown crisis or preventing such a crisis. Your marriage/family can benefit by gaining insight and direction for the days ahead. In this dark world, we want our marriages to be testimonies for the Lord.

I challenge you to do a marriage/family check-up. Ask yourself if you are in crisis or heading for a crisis. Talk with each other and make a plan to get some godly biblical care for your marriage or family. Call the church and set up an appointment with Dr. Ray Hicks or with one of our other pastors. The healthier we become in our marriages and families, the better we become in relationship with one another. The biblical care we receive in a marriage tune-up will strengthen our faith and our witness. But even more important than that, it will strengthen our relationship with Christ. Take a moment and evaluate where you are as a couple or family, then take the steps necessary to get some godly biblical care. It may be the best thing you do for the Lord this year.

Dr. Ray Hicks
Associate Pastor-MemberCare


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