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  • Pray for Students (& Leaders)

    This weekend over 110 students and leaders are headed to Cedarmore Camp for Fall Retreat. Fall Retreat is always a fun, high-energy weekend. Students typically stay up really late, eat lots of junk food, and get to know many new friends. More importantly, each year during this important weekend students get to hear a word from God through studying the Bible together.

    Would you pray for us this weekend? Please pray that our primary focus this weekend is just that, to hear from God. Many students (and leaders) come into these weekends with lots of hurt and chaos in their lives. Pray that we would be free from distractions. Pray that teenagers would have eyes that are able to see for the first time the glorious riches of Christ, and that he is worth far more than anything this world can offer. Pray that he would become greater, and we would become less.

    Thank you in advance for your commitment to pray for us. I can’t wait to see all that God does this weekend. I look forward to bragging on King Jesus when we see most of you on Sunday morning!

  • παραβολές: Finding the Story Within the Story

    Have you ever gotten lost in a good book? I mean a really good book. It’s almost as if you can’t put it down. Any free moment you have, you are reaching for that book in order to find out what’s next. Perhaps you are somewhat like me, and you like to try to figure it all out before it actually happens. You like to guess what the author is doing in the story and how it’s all going to end. And again, if you’re like me, you’re often wrong.

    Maybe you don’t read regularly, but you can get this same type of experience watching a movie or listening to a new song. There is likely something that the author/director/musician says early in the story that hooks you. At that point, you must know how it ends.

    This is precisely what we see Jesus doing when he speaks in parables. Whether speaking to a small group of disciples or a large crowd gathered around, Jesus seeks to draw them (and us) in with something they know in order to point them to a much more grand and fulfilling storyline: The Gospel.

    For instance, one day a man was walking through a field and stumbled upon a treasure of seemingly infinite value. Now he’s at a crossroads: Does he take it? Does he talk with some friends to get their advice? If so, would they want a portion? Does he leave it uncovered and pretend that he never saw it? Of course not! This is a treasure that he simply must have. The only thing he knows is that this treasure is worth more than everything he owns. “In his joy,” Jesus says, “he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field” (Matt. 13:44). This is what the kingdom of heaven is like. It is worth infinitely more than anything we could possibly possess. Those who realize its value will sell all they have in this earthly kingdom (possessions, status, image) in order to gain everything Christ offers them in his heavenly kingdom.

    This year’s student ministry Fall Retreat is titled, “παραβολές: Finding the story within the story.” παραβολές is the Greek word for parables. We are inviting all students to join us October 24-25 as we study three key parables of Jesus. Now, to be sure, we will have all the same activities that we normally do. We’ll make a bonfire, s’mores, play capture the flag, and probably eat more sugar than our parents would like. But more importantly, we’ll explore how Jesus uses stories to call us into his own story and, hopefully, we will all realize that the message of the Gospel is indeed worth abundantly more than our very lives. May we sell all that we have in order that we might live for him.